Darlington big  Swimming Pond


Darlington Long Swimming Pond

This is a large swimming pond (or natural pool) whichever way you look at it! At fifteen metres long and from five to seven metres wide. It’s quite a lot bigger than most conventional swimming pools built in home gardens.

Being the first swimming pond project (that we know of) built like this as a ‘swimming pool’ in Western Australia, with a building permit and AS1926.1 compliant pool fencing we also had to jump through a lot of initial hoops securing the building permit by having specific engineering construction details specially drawn up and created for us.

This pond-pool also has underwater LED lighting encouraging use into the evening and creating a lovely aesthetic at night.

The timber and aviary mesh pool fence was also built by us in compliance with AS1926.1 and again is thought to be the first pool fence built this way in Western Australia.

Swimming in one of these swimming ponds is really something different. You come out feeling clean and refreshed – not feeling like you need a shower! And diving off the large rocks and snorkelling amongst the fish, tadpoles and plants is a swimming pool experience unique to swimming ponds.

Something Interesting

The owners used to be regular visitors to many of the secret swimming holes in the Perth Hills but they were becoming a bit more popular popular (and less secret!) and they’d long dreamed of having a natural rock pool of their own.

Type of water feature & Size

Custom swimming pond 15m long x 5-7m wide

Estimated current build cost 2024

~$110k in flat ground  for a swimming pond this size + fencing

Darlington 15x5-7
Darlington 15x5-7
Darlington 15x5-7
Darlington 15x5-7