Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Projects

Large Ponds & Commercial Waterscapes

If you’re planning a large or new commercial natural style waterscape in or around the Perth area please get in touch. We build large and commercial waterscape projects of all shapes and sizes, specifically planned and specified to meet your requirements.

Large ponds, streams and lakes are all things we can help you with.

We use the Aquascape System which mimics natural processes to work with nature to achieve fantastic and readily repeatable results following their proven system and processes. The system is totally scale-able from a small unique pond or water feature all the way up to large manmade lakes with fantastic quality freshwater. Probably the most well known large-scale example of the Aquascape system is Lake Gkula at Woodford in Queensland – a swimmable recreation lake over 5000m2!

Our local large examples of the Aquascape system include the ponds and streams of Goanna Golf Mini Golf at Point Walter Golf Course and several large private ponds.

Commercial water features purposefully designed for specific animals are also in our range of experience having built ponds for Alpine Dingoes and a wetland rehabilitation pond for recovering Waterbirds at WA Wildlife in Bibra Lake. If you run a zoo or animal display or rehabilitation facility and need a pond or water system specifically designed and built to suit a particular animal or range of animals please get in touch. We’d love to help.

Design Support for Landscape Architects & Designers

Often we find that by the time we are asked about quoting a commercial water project there has already been a significant amount of design work into an old-school conventional high maintenance system or feature, that is so far from the Aquascape natural ecosystem approach, that trashing the existing design and changing the whole approach is just too big a step. Especially if other construction on the project has already commenced. Please talk to us early in the design process so we can help you with the design and specification process of an Aquascape system to take the natural approach with repeatable results of great natural water quality and reduced maintenance by working with nature.


Renovations of Existing Commercial Features

Do you have an existing commercial water feature, pond, stream or lake that just doesn’t work as it should? High maintenance requirements? Green cloudy water? Get in touch for a chat – we’d love to see how we can help by adding natural filtration, skimming, circulation, aeration, bacteria applications etc. There are lots of parts to the Aquascape system and even making some small natural changes could make a huge difference to your water feature.

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The Process From Here

Once we receive this form back in full, we can email back and forth a couple of times and/or arrange a phone call to get an idea of the scope of your project and give you a guide to the expected budget range. We have built a lot of Aquascape systems in a wide variety of sizes over the last five years so have a great portfolio of projects and pricing that we can use as a guide. At this stage we’re also happy to offer guide pricing details of any of our past projects that you might have seen.

We’ll look at your photos you send through and also look up your garden on recent Nearmaps aerial photos as we are talking or emailing to get familiar with your garden and property, and what your waterscape dreams and goals are.

We offer this introduction service to find out a bit more about project ideas and scope of work, to give you a guide to expected budget and to make sure we’re the right fit for you before you engage our services for a paid onsite consultation visit.

 What is a Think Green Consult

Tony, our leader of design and operations, will attend your property and discuss options with you and other key decision makers in the project.

We usually charge $220 for an onsite visit consultation (in Perth area and surrounds) to talk about your ideas and for you to pick Tony’s brain for more ideas and information too. The consultation in most cases also includes a concept sketch plan and detailed quote with a guide to timelines.

We also include the Aquascape ‘Hands of the Artist’ hardcover coffee table book (arund 350 pages of Aquascape artistic water features for inspiration and ideas). As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors, one of our projects is featured in the book on page 310. (We will post the book in advance for prepaid consultations)