Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Waterfalls & Streams

Pondless Decorative Water Features

Waterfalls & Streams

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary in your backyard with the captivating allure of garden streams, creeks, and waterfalls.  At Think Green Landscapes and Waterscapes, we introduce you to a remarkable innovation known as the pondless stream (sometimes called a disappearing waterfall). A modern twist on traditional ponds that offers a wealth of possibilities for your outdoor space.

Our pondless water features present a delightful alternative, providing the soothing sound and scenic beauty of running water over rocks with no deep standing water, no fish, or water lilies to take care of. They are the perfect solution for gardens with limited space, allowing you to enjoy the wonders of flowing water in a compact footprint. With no deep standing water they are also a great option for kids or grandkids to play in a natural environment.

When it comes to maintenance, our pondless waterfalls offer unparalleled convenience. With minimal requirements, they are exceptionally lowmaintenance compared to traditional ponds. Without standing water and fish to consider, maintaining filtration and water quality becomes less critical. You may only need to invest a little time occasionally clearing autumn leaves from deciduous trees or to top up the reservoir during summer to compensate for evaporation (and we can even join that into your irrigation or put it on a tap timer for you if you like!). That’s all it takes to keep your pondless stream in pristine condition.

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Waterfall & Stream

Price Guide

1-2m Compact Waterfall Feature

from $7k

5m Pondless Stream from $12k
8m Pondless Stream from $15k
Custom Pondless Stream Features are planned and quoted according to your needs.


With an unwavering passion for designing and constructing exquisite, natural-looking streams, creeks, and waterfalls, we bring an artistic eye and expert knowledge to every project. We carefully assess your garden to determine the most harmonious placement of the stream or waterfall, seamlessly integrating it into the landscape as if it were always meant to be there. And doing our best to ensure you get some great views from your home and living areas. Each rock and plant is meticulously positioned to achieve a perfect balance with nature, evoking a sense of timelessness and serenity.

Welcome the beauty of nature into your backyard with Think Green Landscapes and Waterscapes. Discover the endless possibilities of pondless streams, creeks, and waterfalls, and let us transform your outdoor space into a haven of tranquility and natural elegance.

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For added practicality, we can often connect your pondless stream reservoir to a downpipe if close by, utilising rainfall from your roof to replenish the reservoir. During larger storms, any overflow from the reservoir can flow on into your soakwells or a subsurface agi drain pipe.

But it’s not just about functionality—it’s about creating an oasis of natural beauty in your own backyard. It will welcome natural life back into your garden providing a natural freshwater stream for birds to bathe in, and a fresh drinking spot for insects and other local animals like lizards and bandicoots.

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Pondless Decorative Water Features

Decorative pondless features are easy to maintain and add the soothing element of water to your landscape.

Restricted for space but crave the sound of running water? Fountains, spillway bowls, urns and bubbling rocks are just some of the ways we can incorporate running water into your home environment.

They are installed over an underground pondless reservoir for a simple, beautiful and low maintenance feature for you to enjoy as well as attracting local birds, insects and other visitors for a refreshing splash or a drink.

Smaller features starting from as little as $2500 installed

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The Process From Here

Once we receive this form back in full, we can arrange a phone call or exchange emails to get a better idea of your needs, desires and the scope of your project to give you a guide to the expected budget range. We have built a lot of Aquascape systems in a wide variety of sizes over the last five years so have a great portfolio of projects and pricing that we can use as a guide. We’re also happy to offer guide pricing details of any of our past projects that you might have seen which is often helpful in the decision making process..

We’ll also look at your photos you send through and look up your garden on recent Nearmaps aerial photos as we are talking or emailing to get familiar with your garden and property, and what your waterscape dreams and goals are.

We offer this introduction service to find out a bit more about your project ideas and scope of work, to give you a guide to expected budget and to make sure we’re the right fit for you before you engage our services for a paid onsite consultation visit and concept plan.

 What is a Think Green Consult and Concept Plan

Tony, our leader of design and operations, will visit your property and your waterscape project with you and other key decision makers. Husband, wife, kids, dog – whoever is going to be involved!

We usually charge $250 for a regular consultation visit and concept plan (in Perth area and surrounds) to assess the area, check important measurements and levels and to talk about your ideas. It’s also an opportunity for you to pick Tony’s brain for more ideas and information too. The consultation usually includes a concept sketch plan with an itemised quote and guide to timelines.

We also include the Aquascape ‘Hands of the Artist’ hardcover coffee table book (around 350 pages of Aquascape artistic water features for inspiration and ideas). As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors, one of our projects is featured in the book on page 310. (We will post the book in advance for prepaid consultations)