Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Pond Maintenance

Pond After-Care Maintenance and Aquascape Upgrades

We love building Aquascape ecosystem natural ponds, and keeping them performing well and looking their best is important to us. We provide aftercare pond maintenance to Aquascape systems and recommend at least a filter backwash clean and service and Skimmer/Pump service each year by a professional to ensure your pond stays at its healthiest.

If it has been longer than that or you have a big buildup of debris then maybe a full pond or pondless stream cleanout might be in order. Please fill out the Inquiry Form below and include a few current photographs.

Whether you have a Think Green natural swimming pond, ecosystem pond, pondless stream or an Aquascape pond system built by another company, we can arrange a regular maintenance program and manage this for you.

If things in your pond don’t look quite right we can also test your key water parameters including pH, GH (Total Water Hardness), KH (Carbonate Hardness), Nitrite, Nitrate, Chlorine and Copper to help identify the likely cause or area of concern.

A standard ecosystem pond Biofalls & Skimmer service starts at $330 for ecosystem ponds with an Aquascape Biofalls Filter and Aquascape Skimmer, and generally takes 1 – 1.5 hours for two pond workers to complete.

Pond and Pondless Stream empty and washdown full-cleanouts are invoiced on an hourly rate of $220/hour for two pond workers with a 2 hour minimum charge.

Our bigger Aquascape systems like larger ponds and swimming ponds use large upflow wetland filters to maintain water quality. A wetland filter backwash with skimmer/pump service and check starts at $550 per full centipede in the wetland. Most of our swimming ponds are single centipede wetlands.

When we clean ponds we sometimes have to use and replace existing water from the pond. We bring blow up paddle pools to save and reuse as much of the original water as possible both for water conservation and to ensure the beneficial bacteria is maintained in the ecosystem, since it has taken time to establish. We don’t want your valuable water to go to waste! And the dirty water we pump out during the cleaning process is loaded with silt and nutrients so we use it to water your lawn, trees or garden whenever we can so it doesn’t go to waste.

Get in touch today to organise a pond clean and love your natural pond even more!


Aquascape Upgrades

If your pond isn’t an Aquascape ecosystem pond but you’d like to consider adding some or all of the ingredients of the ecosystem pond approach then please get in touch via the Inquiry form. We can often find a way to add a skimmer or Biofalls waterfall filter to an existing pond.

Other Aquascape upgrade options include the Automatic Dosing System which is an electronically-operated dispenser that accurately and consistently applies your choice of specially-formulated water treatments to your water feature. The automatic dosing process eliminates the guesswork and routine associated with adding water treatments manually. You no longer need to remember to add beneficial bacteria or other elements to your pond. The Automatic Dosing System does it for you to help encourage a diverse healthy ecosystem.

There are also Aquascape problem-solving tools available too like the Iongen electronic water clarifier system for helping to control string algae and free floating algae.

And if your pond is really problematic, leaking badly or just not functioning as it should with no real signs that it ever will, then maybe a full rebuild is worth considering? We’ve removed and rebuilt a few old concrete and lined ponds as Aquascape ecosystem ponds so it wouldn’t be the first time.

wetland filtration

How does an ecosystem pond function?

In order to have great success with your new pond, it helps to understand the critical role each component plays in the ecosystem.

1. Skimmer – the skimmer filter removes debris from the pond, providing efficient mechanical filtration and keeping your pond clean and clear.

2. Biofalls – Biological filtration is provided by the BioFalls filter. The BioBalls™ and filter mats provide surface area for bacteria to colonize, maintaining the pond effectively by keeping it clean throughout the year. (In the case of bigger ponds we use the Aquascape upflow wetland filter)

3 & 4 Pump & Piping – Water movement and circulation is another extremely important component to the ecosystem pond approach. Proper water flow throughout the pond maintains necessary oxygen levels, optimizes water quality and minimizes maintenance in your pond.

5. Rocks & Gravel – The rocks and gravel in your new pond play a crucial role in your ecosystem, providing tremendous surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Similar to your BioFalls, these bacteria help to break down excess nutrients in the water and dissolved organic debris on the pond floor.

6. Pond Liner & Underlayment – We use Firestone EPDM rubber pond liner with a lifetime warranty. It is a very high quality liner with excellent flexibility and capacity to stretch

7. Plants and Fish – Aquatic plants are the foundation of every water garden or ecosystem pond. Aquatic plants help balance your entire pond ecosystem, minimizing maintenance and maximizing optimum water conditions. Plants absorb nitrogen, ammonia, nitrates and other minerals that can lead to unsightly water conditions.

Pond fish are an integral part of your ecosystem. Fish minimize algae growth by stirring up and grazing on excess string algae growing in the pond. In addition, fish waste provides important nutrients for your aquatic plants.



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The Process From Here

Once we receive this form back in full, we can arrange a phone call or exchange emails to get a better idea of your needs, desires and the scope of your project to give you a guide to the expected budget range. We have built a lot of Aquascape systems in a wide variety of sizes over the last five years so have a great portfolio of projects and pricing that we can use as a guide. We’re also happy to offer guide pricing details of any of our past projects that you might have seen which is often helpful in the decision making process..

We’ll also look at your photos you send through and look up your garden on recent Nearmaps aerial photos as we are talking or emailing to get familiar with your garden and property, and what your waterscape dreams and goals are.

We offer this introduction service to find out a bit more about your project ideas and scope of work, to give you a guide to expected budget and to make sure we’re the right fit for you before you engage our services for a paid onsite consultation visit and concept plan.

 What is a Think Green Consult and Concept Plan

Tony, our leader of design and operations, will visit your property and your waterscape project with you and other key decision makers. Husband, wife, kids, dog – whoever is going to be involved!

We usually charge $250 for a regular consultation visit and concept plan (in Perth area and surrounds) to assess the area, check important measurements and levels and to talk about your ideas. It’s also an opportunity for you to pick Tony’s brain for more ideas and information too. The consultation usually includes a concept sketch plan with an itemised quote and guide to timelines.

We also include the Aquascape ‘Hands of the Artist’ hardcover coffee table book (around 350 pages of Aquascape artistic water features for inspiration and ideas). As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors, one of our projects is featured in the book on page 310. (We will post the book in advance for prepaid consultations)