Roleystone Tree Fern Stream

We are loving the new stream and look at it every day.


This is a 15 metre long pondless stream snaking its way through the existing beautiful established tree ferns. Tree ferns are a bit of a rarity around Perth so it was great to get this opportunity to build a stream right in amongst them and all the understory ferns.

We were very careful whilst building it all the tree ferns and other significant understory plants were kept and worked around. It connects to a huge vaulted outdoor living area and is the entertaining hub of the house.

Logistically it was a bit tricky working around all the existing plants and another particular challenge that the reservoir area was sold laterite coffee rock and needed rock breaker and jackhammer to dig out.


Interesting Note

There was an open rocky drain here that downpipes were directed to initially, but the owners wanted to make it a permanent feature to enjoy all year round. What a great idea!


Type of water feature & Size

Pondless stream through the existing tree ferns ~15m long

Estimated current build cost 2023



Perth Garden Show Peoples Choice Winner 2019