Swimming Pool Conversions

Swimming Pool Conversions

Swimming Pool Conversions

Swimming Pool Conversions

Pool to Pond Conversions

Do you have a neglected pool screaming out for conversion to a swimming pond or fish pond?

You should THINK about a Think Green Pool to Pond conversion.

Amongst our favourite things to do! Turning often sad and neglected swimming pools into a living freshwater oasis. We get asked A LOT about pool conversions and depending on what you’re looking for as an end result (aesthetically & functionally) there are a few options available.

There are a lot of great reasons to complete a project like this. Bringing nature to your garden with a fresh water supply, rejuvenating an unloved pool or area of your garden, great for many skin conditions with no salt/chlorine and having a great natural feature in your garden you can enjoy all year round.

Any of these can be done with a concrete pool, but Option 3 (wetland filter only) is the only option that we can do with a fibreglass pool shell.

pool conversion


This was the method we used in a conversion project in Darlington late last year. We basically just used the shell as an oversized excavation and built the swimming pond inside it. This allowed us to change the shape and appearance, and we were even able to make it smaller to suit the client’s intended use for it in the future. The top of the wetland filter sits above the main pool area (the bottom of the filter extends into the pool shell) so we could have a babbling brook style stream and waterfall back into the pool.



We converted a conventional concrete pool shell this way in Mount Helena early in 2023. We placed rocks and gravel for the swimming pond part directly inside the shell using the shell for both water holding and the finished shape. We can add as much, or as little, rocks and gravel to the pond as desired, creating underwater habitat for exploring and for fish etc. This one is a half and half. The Jekyll and Hyde of natural pools – the deep end as a habitat filled rocks and gravel swimming pond and the shallow end as a typical batter plastered natural pool. Something for everyone. In this one we tied our tall tiered rock work into the existing feature rock edging and to a large spillway waterfall with sitting grotto below. The wetland filter was built just outside the pool shell with a babbling waterfall back into the pool.

In late 2021 we did a conversion in a partly raised round concrete water tank that had very similar attributes to an inground concrete pool. In that case about 2/3 of the shell was terraced with rocks and gravel with 1/3 left showing as the original tank wall. The wetland filter pond is separate and fully lined and connected by a stream and waterfalls to the main pond.


If you don’t want to add the naturalistic underwater habitat or if your pool just doesn’t really have the space available for that, then this could be a good option for you. And it is even an option to make a fibreglass pool into a natural pool/pond.

Depending on how you plan to use it will determine the wetland filtration ratio required for the water quality you desire. Whether that be for just pond fish, an occasional dip or regular swimming. Plants can be planted on steps entry area or hung from frames on the side of the pool if desired. Or it could just be a naturally filtered pool with fantastic natural water quality with no plants or fish.


In a concrete pool an internal conversion, where the wetland filter area is installed inside the existing pool shell is also possible. A separation wall would be built within the pool. The rule of 50% wetland filter area vs swimming area still applies. So the total area of the pool would be split 2/3 swimming area and 1/3 filter area. The m2 costs would be similar to the above for the wetland component plus the cost to build the internal dividing wall plus whatever pool surfacing treatments (tile, plaster etc). This is often a good approach in large concrete shell pools where you can afford to give up part of the existing swimming area in exchange for needing a smaller filter area.


There are probably other pool to pond conversion approaches too, but these are the ones we’ve built so far ourselves. Might one of these approaches suit your pool?

If you have any questions or want to know more please fill out the enquiry form at the bottom of this page and let’s see how we can help.

How much does a pool to pond conversion cost?

Of course it will vary a LOT depending on how big your existing pool is, what the access is like, what end result you’d like to achieve etc.

As a guide to some starting prices see below.

Pool Conversion Price Guide

Option 1 – Full swimming pond conversion inside shell with liner from $55k
(Much the same as a swimming pond built from scratch)

Option 2 – Wetland Filter + Rockwork Inside the concrete pool shell from $30k
Option 3 – Wetland Filter outside pool shell from $20k


pool conversion


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The Process From Here

Once we receive this form back in full, we can arrange a phone call or exchange emails to get a better idea of your needs, desires and the scope of your project to give you a guide to the expected budget range. We have built a lot of Aquascape systems in a wide variety of sizes over the last five years so have a great portfolio of projects and pricing that we can use as a guide. We’re also happy to offer guide pricing details of any of our past projects that you might have seen which is often helpful in the decision making process..

We’ll also look at your photos you send through and look up your garden on recent Nearmaps aerial photos as we are talking or emailing to get familiar with your garden and property, and what your waterscape dreams and goals are.

We offer this introduction service to find out a bit more about your project ideas and scope of work, to give you a guide to expected budget and to make sure we’re the right fit for you before you engage our services for a paid onsite consultation visit and concept plan.

 What is a Think Green Consult and Concept Plan

Tony, our leader of design and operations, will visit your property and your waterscape project with you and other key decision makers. Husband, wife, kids, dog – whoever is going to be involved!

We usually charge $250 for a regular consultation visit and concept plan (in Perth area and surrounds) to assess the area, check important measurements and levels and to talk about your ideas. It’s also an opportunity for you to pick Tony’s brain for more ideas and information too. The consultation usually includes a concept sketch plan with an itemised quote and guide to timelines.

We also include the Aquascape ‘Hands of the Artist’ hardcover coffee table book (around 350 pages of Aquascape artistic water features for inspiration and ideas). As Master Certified Aquascape Contractors, one of our projects is featured in the book on page 310. (We will post the book in advance for prepaid consultations)