Mike’s Pondless Stream

Think Green foreman Mike has his own big pondless stream. This is a very family friendly pondless stream. Full of lovely big rocks and flowing water.

But shallow and safe so is ideal for his young family to play in and enjoy.

The stream itself is about 8m long and fills the whole corner of the backyard and creates a beautiful natural outlook from the entire back half of their house.

It has low voltage LED feature underwater lights too, so even in the evening it is a spectacular outlook whether you’re doing the dishes at the kitchen sink, or sitting outside with a cool drink soaking it all in.

Something Interesting

Fish in a pondless stream? Yes!

We built a spilling bowl here with filter layers in thye bottom half (much the same components as usually used in an ecosystem pond) to house some lovely fish to take the iteraction to another level.

Type of water feature & Size

Pondless stream approximately 8m long with underground reservoir at the low end reservoir to hold the 15,000L/hour pump,

Estimated current build cost 2024

~$15k for 8m pondless stream
+ a bit extra for the filtration spilling bowl for the fish


Perth Garden Show Peoples Choice Winner 2019