The owners here were specifically looking to buy a home with a great spot for a swimming pond. One of the owners is a horticulturist and had been looking after the gardens at the home in Darlington where we built our first swimming pond.

He was totally inspired by it and when they were next moving house, a space for a swimming pond was high on their familes must-have list.

The house looks like it almost wraps around the swimming pond and it was in fact quite a tight building and working space to create it.

It was decided to build the shallow wetland filter pond part of the system in front yard with a shallow stream to join them together, to ensure there would be plenty of space for the swimming pond. It was the first time that we built the filter pond outside the pool fence

Type of water feature & Size

Recreation swimming pond 7m x 5m x 1.8m deep with extended stream and the wetland filter pond outside the fenced ‘pool’ area.

Estimated current build cost 2024

~$72k for 7.5x5m swimpond with extended stream (+ pool fencing)


Perth Garden Show Peoples Choice Winner 2019