The pond is looking amazing by the way!



The owners here were specifically looking to buy a property where they could build a swimpond. They actually looked at over 50 Perth hills properties before finding this one with a perfect potential swimpond location.   Our first site visit was the very first day they owned the property.

The life of the garden is the swimming pond and surrounds. It is so close to their living areas and main bedrooms that it feels really well connected to the house. It has more life in it than any other swimming pond we’ve built. It’s absolutely loaded with fish and we just love seeing them swim up into the shallow beach area. The real standout though is the turtles.

Toby the largest and most dominant turtle rules the main swimming pond and is very interested in people swimming in the pond. There are also 2 other turtles. Frank a small male, lives in the stream and their lady friend Tina Turtle is a bit secretive and is only seen rarely. Noone is really sure where she hides between sightings.

The landscape, decking, boardwalks, patio, garden, steppers etc were all designed and built by us as part of this project too.



Interesting Note

Drew the owner had a picture of our Nannup swimming pond project as his Facebook picture for a year before getting a swimming pond of his own.


Type of water feature & Size

Recreation swimming pond 7m x 5m x 1.8m deep with beach
extensive landscaping including decked skillion patio, boardwalks, planting, aviary mesh pool fence

Estimated current build cost 2023

~$75k for 7.5x5m swimpond with beach
(~$130k for whole package)


Perth Garden Show Peoples Choice Winner 2019